Rachel Choe


"...a musician of the most propulsive of lines in deftly synchronized fashion..."

The Baltimore Sun

"Her music is so lovely, mellow and precise, it touches the heart and soul of the listener."

The Cape Gazzett

Healing Kitchen

I live in a town house that my friend's parents own. The family all moved and I live here to take care of the house. As a single, the kitchen of a town house is quite bigger than I actually need. It works perfectly with my character that brings and invites lots of friends over to my place for lunch, dinner, dessert, coffee and tea. We don't just cook and eat but start sharing our lives. A home-made supper opens a friend's heart to talk about her beloved mother, a cup of tea with a beautiful aroma encourages a man to talk about his broken relationship and freshly baked muffins just out of oven make a youngster feel comforted. At this Healing Kitchen, we talk, laugh, smile, and cry as well.

My kitchen feeds people up in body and soul.

1. Mademoiselle Rachel's "Awesome Lasagna"

Ingredient: (serving 6 people)

Ground Beef 1.5 pounds, Breakfast Sausage 1 pound, Whole Tomato Can (14.5oz) 2, Tomato Paste Can (6oz) 2, Minced Garlic 2ts, Dried Parsley, Dried Basil, Salt, Cottage or Ricotta Cheese 3 cups, 2 Eggs, Parmesan Cheese 1/2 cup, Sliced Mozzarella Cheese, Lasagna noodle (Oven-ready)

  1. Cheese Mix: Cottage or Ricotta Cheese 3 cups, Dried Basil, 2 Eggs, Parmesan Cheese 1/2 cup, Dried Parsley 2TS, Salt 1 ts: Mix all of them together well.
  2. Meat Mix: Ground Beef 1.5 pounds, Breakfast Sausage 1 pound, Whole Tomato Can (14.5oz) 2, Tomato Paste Can (6oz) 2, Minced Garlic 2 ts, Dried Parsley 2TS, Dried Basil 2TS, Salt 1 ts: Combine all of meats and cook with garlic. Drain off half of the fat. Add all canned tomato, all of dried parsley and basil and salt. Mix all and simmer uncovered for 45min.
  3. Assemble them in the bottom of the pan in the order of Lasagna-Half of Cheese Mix- Sliced Mozzarella-Half of Tomato/Meat Mix. Repeat it again. On top of the last Tomato/Meat Mix, Cover it with Sliced Mozzarella or Parmesan cheese according to your preference.
  4. To save it for later, freeze or refrigerate it at this point.
  5. Bake in 350F oven for 25 minutes to eat now.

2. Mademoiselle Rachel's "Famous Muffins"

3. Mademoiselle Rachel's "Greenish Quinoa"

4. Mademoiselle Rachel's "Glorious Omelet"

5. Mademoiselle Rachel's "Kimchi Pancake"

6. Mademoiselle Rachel's "Mandoo"

7. Mademoiselle Rachel's "Spicy Pork"

8. Mademoiselle Rachel's "Asian Chicken Curry"

9. Mademoiselle Rachel's "Easy Kimchi"

10. Mademoiselle Rachel's "Hearty Tomato Soup"

11. Mademoiselle Rachel's "Dessert In A Twinkle"