Rachel Choe


"...a musician of the most propulsive of lines in deftly synchronized fashion..."

The Baltimore Sun

"Her music is so lovely, mellow and precise, it touches the heart and soul of the listener."

The Cape Gazzett

Critically acclaimed by the Baltimore Sun as "a musician of the most propulsive of lines in deftly synchronized fashion," RACHEL JEEYOUNG CHOE gives concerts for everyone from the small corners of the world like open air schools in India and a tent at the Syrian refuge camp in Lebanon to the major concert halls including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Sidney Opera House, Tokyo Opera City Hall, Seoul Arts Center, Hong Kong Cultural Centre and Singapore's Esplanade.

Rachel Choe is the principal flutist of the Washington Chamber Orchestra and served as the principal flute of the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra and the American Studio Orchestra. She was the special presentation winner of the Artists International New York, a prize winner of the Korea Flutist Association, Chunchu Music, Ewha Concerto, Chosun Newspaper, and a finalist of the Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra Concerto Award. Choe has appeared as a concerto soloist with the Mid-Atlantic Symphony, the Ewha Symphony and the Ewha String Ensemble. She was selected as one of two flutists for Carnegie Hall's professional workshop of David Robertson and performed at its Zankel Hall. She has performed in the Norfolk, Orford, Bowdoin and Aspen Music Festivals, and the Zurich International Master Class.

An avid chamber musician, Choe was a founding member of Duo Mare with guitarist Akiko Sumi; and Soultree, a quintet with mixed instruments, whose recording was released in 2008. She has served the TW12 Music Group as the executive member by leading the group to numerous concert tour in Canada, United States, Argentina, Thailand, Arab Emirates and Korea and releasing two recordings in 2010 and 2013. Recently, Choe re-formed the flute/percussion duo with Jeff Stern and performs at every corner of Baltimore including Baltimore public school classrooms, local churches as well as the prestigious halls of Peabody Institute.  

Her endless exploration and musical experiments once arrived at a new destination: Jazz. Her very first solo album "Après un rêve" in collaboration with Nashville musicians was released in Fall 2014. In the album, she challenges the same transformation that Après un rêve, a classical french song, has undergone by keeping the identity but in a new style. Her other recordings that she has participated in as a flutist and an arranger in various genres also show her multifaceted musicianship. 

As a devoted educator, she has spent eight years at the Orchkids program since 2009. She was one of the very first instrument teachers for the program and raised the first generation flutists who will be auditioning major conservatories soon. She was involved in the production of the very first official curriculums of the program and served as the woodwind department chair. Besides Orchkids, she taught at Marina Piccinini International Masterclasses, Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music of National University of Singapore for a masterclass, Frostberg State University as a guest instructor, Maryland Music Festival and works with young orchestral musicians as a sectional coach of Peabody Youth Orchestra and Emmanuel Youth Orchestra. 

Choe began her flute studies in Seoul, and  received her Doctor of Musical Arts, Master of Music and Graduate Performance Diploma with prizes of excellence in flute performance at the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, where she studied with the Marina Piccinini. Choe holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Ewha Women's University in Korea, summa cum laude. Since 2005, she has been on the faculty member running two studios for Johns Hopkins students and the Preparatory students at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University.